Spirit of Worship //////

Anyone interested in being part of W.O.E. singing Ministry, should first, have a love for God, and have a love for music in general. They should enjoy listening to worship music, simply for worship sake. A love of music can only take a person so far, however. An aspiring singer should also have a spirit of worship, a good voice, and she should be able to sing from within. 

Singing Ministry


Truly anointed Singers/Instrument Players has a powerful effect on its hearers.

1.    Spiritual deliverance may be obtained.
      Samuel 16:14-23
      Psalms 149:5-9

2.   "The priests could not stand to minister"    

      because the Presence of the Lord was so real.
      II Chronicles 5:13, 14

3.    It lifts the ministry about to come forth.
      II Kings 3:14-16