Art of Writing//////

Spoken Word Poetry Ministry

If you are a poet who enjoy sharing God's word through poetry, tap in!


If you are a writer of poetry or perform spoken word, and your purpose for using your gift is to touch souls and bring them to God, this is a ministry for you.


Our upcoming W.O.E. sessions, will be of conversations with featured Poets.  Women who are willing to encourage other sisters with becoming P31 Women of God. 


Whether you are single, waiting for him, or married.. We want to share a Word of encouragemt with you!


Tap in, this is a life changing experience to reach your heart and soul~

Note: Sign up and materials will be reviewed before all Open Mic Sessions!

Must present a Christ- like character in materials when presenting a Spoken Word!

A Now Word Experience

This is an observing, encountering, or an 

undergoing of things generally as they occur 

in the course of time, to learn from experience; 

the range of human experience through

a life changing word!