About: The Founder

Pastor Leonora Wells is a native of Queens New York.  She currently resides in Toccoa Georgia, with her

loving husband David, and together they have two daughters, one foster child and 3 grand-children.


Pastor Wells served faithfully as a personal assistant to Overseer George E. Finnie of Jamaica Queens, NY for

12 years, as well as being gifted as Director of Music and District Secretary of the Jamaica District Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship of NY.  In 1997, she was then ordained as a Deacon of the church and served faithfully, until God called her into the work of the Ministry, with the duties of preaching and teaching the Gospel.


She attended the New Greater Bethel Bible Institute for 4 years and obtained her certificate in Christian Education, where one of her Senior Mentors was none other than Dr. Caswell Morgan, and Rev. John Boyd. Sr.  She was licensed as a Minister of the Gospel in 2002.


In 2005, Leonora Wells and her family moved to Toccoa, Ga, and joined the Crossroads Baptist Church family, where she served faithfully for 5 Years, under Pastor James Marlon Knox, and Lady Sonya Knox, and was ordained as an Elder in 2010.


In 2012, the International Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship under the leading of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.  Named Pastor Wells as the College of Ordained Elders Administrator for the State of Georgia under Pastor Jason Madison and is actively serving the high calling of this position.


Pastor Leonora Wells has a true heart of a Pastor and a nurturing spirit towards all, and is the Senior Pastor of Women of Excellence Full Gospel Ministry, as well the Founder of Community of Sisters International Ministry.


Having joined a diverse group of Women Ministries combined to make a difference.  These ministries have been responsible for establishing a true connection within the body of Christ, while helping sisters reach their goals together on a collaborative level. 


Today the ministry exists through the leading of the Spirit and by the partnership of its visionary Pastor Wells, and is currently growing to another level in Christ, through its outreach missions, community service and world wide support to help lift the name of the Lord.


The prayer of Pastor Wells is to meet the need of every person, while strengthening their spiritual being, mind, body, and soul in the here and now through the work of the Spirit.


Her prayers are to build a community of believer that works together in taking down the strongholds of the enemy. 


Ephesians 4:11-16

The Whole Matter of the Believer