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Executive Administrator

Prophetess Denise Carter

Executive of Finance 

Minister Jackie Green

Executive of Event & Planning

Minister Jackie Cannon

Executive of Mentorship

Minister Shirley Curry

Outreach Executive

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Evangelist Michelle Massey


Pastor Nicole Gantt Pam

Pastor Monica Kaye Harris

Evangelist Tamika Starks

Evangelist Sheila Dubose

Minister Betty Major


Evangelist Alpine Hunt

Evangelist Robbie Banks

Prophetess Sonya Beasley

Just a few of our W.O.E. Sisters

If you would like to become part of

Women of Excellence Full Gospel Ministry


Send in your request:


Prophetess Kendra Wyatt

Minister Rose Dooley

 Prophetess Jana Banks

 Minister Sherry Hayes

Mother Juanita Balam

Evangelist Regina Johnson

Prophetess Linda Lee

 Elder Elizabeth Brown

God is doing a New thing in this season, by allowing us as Women to come together as a whole, and share our gifts. Not only do we share our gifts, but most importantly we encourage each other to become all that God created us to be, which is Women of Excellence!


W.O.E. Ministry is designed to reach the heart of Women in all areas of life. 


And help our hurting sisters while encouraging each other.


To be part of this wonderful move of God, we invite you to send your request to (woefgm@gmail.com)


Pastors, Elders, Teachers, Evangelist, Ministers, Mothers, Sisters, and Daughters are all welcome to join and be part of this powerful experience of God's blessings through His creation. "You"


Contact: Women of Execellence Full Gospel Ministry

via Face-book or E-mail for more details on how you too can be part.


This ministry is free to all Women who wish to expereience more in the here and now!



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